Sandy Hook And The Media

I couldn’t agree more with what so many have been saying. The media makes celebrities out of those who commit massacres. This is deeply unhealthy for our culture. When I saw the cover of the New York Times on Sunday and its oversized image of Adam Lanza I thought, the editors had a choice and they chose to appeal to our horror, rather than our hearts. So much more profound would have been, for example, an image of Sandy hook’s psychologist, Mary Sherlach, who had been working with children for more than 20 years and who, in the end, literally gave her life for them. It is painful to look at her picture – difficult beyond words – but feeling that pain is acknowledging the loss of her life. And when we feel that loss, we feel our humanity. She reminds us of life and death. She is, in a sense, a call to action. Looking at her killer takes us out of our hearts. She puts us back in there. This is what we need more of at a time like this.