No Apology

When President Obama was making his inaugural address, I was upstairs clearing out old papers and files in a back bedroom. In fact, I was sitting on the floor cross-legged and so immersed in the documents before me – documents from when I was married, before I came out – that I momentarily forgot about […]

So Proud: Thoughts After Midnight

By the time President Obama made his acceptance speech for a second term in office, it was well past midnight on the East Coast. Like so many other Americans, I was exhausted after a long, emotional day of hoping and worrying and wanted very much to crawl into bed but I couldn’t. I had to […]

The Audacity of Hope for My Rights: Why Voting for Obama is so Personal

Once, long ago, I was married to a wonderful man, and the marriage would have lasted long into the sunset, I’m sure, if not for one significant factor. I’m gay. Coming out wasn’t easy—my brother-in-law told me I was a disgrace to the family—but of all people, my husband was one of the gentlest souls. […]