The Supreme Kiss: Let’s Kiss Inequality Good-bye

I wanted to share with you all a campaign I have been involved with these past few months: The Supreme Kiss: Let’s Kiss Inequality Good-bye. The goal of the campaign has been to raise awareness about the Supreme Court hearings on marriage equality, which took place this week. Beginning last weekend, people from all over the country have been showing their support for equality by kissing a loved one and then sharing their kiss online in an act of solidarity with gay rights.  Many of the photos can be found on the Supreme Kiss Facebook page. The photos feature all ages, all types, gay, straight, bi, transgender and so forth. They are filled with love and joy. The Huffington Post did an article on the campaign and put together a really nice slide show. BuzzFeed also featured the campaign. I recommend the Huffington Post article in particular because it shows how these “kisses” have become a form of art in the cause for democracy. Or check out the Facebook page. As equality advances, so too does our awareness of what it means to be able to enjoy “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Wrote one man who submitted a photograph, “Not all love is the same, but all love is equal.”

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